Wivenhoe Dam....take 2

Remember we went to Wivenhoe Dam on the weekend to see the flood gates open...well only 1 was open then. On Tuesday MIL and I took Aden for a drive back to the dam and while we were there they opened the 2nd and 3rd gates...since then they have opened the 4th and 5th gates!! So much water to flow into the Brisbane river and out to sea!

A comparison
Sunday with 1 gate open from the bottom viewing platform
Tuesday with 2 gates open from the same spot..

2 gates open at the closest platform. We didn't go back to this one when they opened the 3rd gate...you wouldn't have been able to take a picture...you and the camera would have been wet before you tried!
Water Mummy, Look!!

Middle Viewing platform taken from the 1st platform
Copying Nana....
Middle Viewing platform
Getting wet!!
Look at all that hair! The water spray made it stand up...so cute!
2 gates open
Opening the 3rd gate
3 gates open

Aden having a turn of the camera...yes he is kissing it in the second photo!

There were 2 news helicopters there waiting for the gates to open. Aden is pointing them out for me
Dam Full Supply - 67 metres above sea level (click the photo for a close up to read about the hydro power information)
Aden had to ride home in just a nappy and T-shirt as he was soaked from the spray and playing in the puddles!

Sorry for all the water photos...it most likely won't happen again for another 10 years!


Kirsty said…
What gorgeous photos, look like he had fun
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
That looks cool, we should head down for a look ourselves!
Car said…
Awesome shots there AJ, shame all that water is wasted :(
Kylie said…
thinking it could be worth taking the kids out there this weekend. Great photos
Kylie said…
Looks like a great day out - I will have to have a look and see how far away this is:) Might have to come for a drive.
thx for this great photopost! how cool to actually be that close and able to photo it all - plus sharing the fun together:)

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