Big Butt Baby Pants

Another box of too small baby clothes have been packed away...mostly winter stuff as, despite the fact that it is raining today and has done so on and off for the last few weeks, the weather is warming up! So that left Aden with no pants or short sleeve shirts in his cupboard! I knew this was coming a few weeks ago so I went and bought him some size 1 shirts while on special. I bought a few shorts too but nothing seems to fit right...especially with his fat cloth-nappied bottom! He still fits a 0 around the waist but they are too small in crotch, Size 1 are too long in the legs (although he seems to have shot up this week and I fear that may not be the case for much longer!!)

Big Butt Baby Pants to the rescue! I've been eyeing off this pattern for a while but when I saw Rae's latest blog post and how easy they looked I knew the time had come! And because it is an instant download pattern there is no waiting! So I paid, printed it off and then had to decided what size to make.

These are the 6-12 months and at 14 months they are just a fit on predicted the butt is too small (or just fits!!) and the legs are just right!

I use some Michael Miller 'Truck' fabric and a light weight cotton, dark denim colour.

I went with a cuff on these...thinking I would get a little more wear out of them with the ability to lengthen them...Don't think that will happen!

Great for a bit of gymnastics on the footstool

There is 2 more in this size and 3 more in the next size in various stages of completion!!
Thanks for having a 2hr nap today little man so Mummy could sew!


Helen said…
Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!
brissmith said…
Love the pants!! I've been eyeing off that pattern too but have so far resisted - it is hard to get pants that fit bit butts well...I have the same fabric with the cars that you used too but not enough left a pair of pants. Susan :)
red in oz said…
oh, bless him, looks fantastic.
Oh AJ! I love the one of him posing on the footstool! He is such a character! Those pants are adorable! I am definitely going to have to make my little guy some of those too as I just had to send him to daycare this morning in shorts because I haven't bought him any winter pants and it was 55 degrees this morning! Should warm to the 80's though later. Super cute!!! Jenn

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