A whole lot of waste!

This is where we went today...Reusable Cloth Nappy Week Event Day! In exchange for a packet of plastic nappies you got a free MCN!! Bargin! Yes 1 packet of nappies cost less than 1 modern cloth nappy...but look at this....

3000 nappies were donated to Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids to be used for kids going into foster care. These 3000 odd nappies are only about half the number of nappies the average 2-year-old will wear before they no longer need nappies! Just look at the pile! Soooooo much plastic!

We collected 3,712 disposables from 108 people this morning. 19 had never used cloth before which is very exciting! From the FaceBook page

I must admit I get lazy sometimes...I have and will use plastic nappies when the need arises but every little bit helps and it is good to know that Aden and I have not left that much plastic (and not to mention poo!) in landfil somewhere!

These 30 nappies from the generous supporters will be going to one lucky winner...hope it is me!


Leah said…
What a fabulous event! Well worth the effort (not that you look bad in you self portrait by the way :) )
Ellie Tat said…
Wow, this reminds me why I avoid disposables. Your nappies on the line are sooo much cuter.
Xena said…
wish I lived up that way or was there today as I would have come along.
The Clip Cafe said…
Goodness me! Thanks for bringing that to attention.
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
I'm a sposie user, prolly too late to start now, but if you win, can I have that giraffe one, that looks gorgeous lol

I think it's great that those nappies were donated to people that need them, lets face it, it's definately something one can't do without whether cloth or sposie!!

Great work girls!
miss~nance said…
Thats a lot of plastic nappies. Always loved cloth myself and just love the MCN's but my abbay is 22 so I dont need them anymore, hope my kids use them for my grnadkids.

cheering for you & Aden!!

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