Doll Quilt Delivered!

Unfornuatley Car had to wait a little bit longer for her doll quilt. I was planning on visiting a friend who lives near her and thought it would be fun to just pop in and hand deliver it....but alas the best laid plans often go wrong and so when the 2nd attempt at visiting was again postponed I had to pop it in the mail. Well Done to Australia Post who took less that 24hrs door-to-door!

It was very quick to finish once I had an idea in my head. That part took a long time! Car likes whimiscle things like fairies and mushrooms...they are usually not my cup of tea, but by the time this little quilt was finished it had grown on me quite a bit and it was hard to let go.

I'm very please with my stitching and I hope Car will enjoy having it on her wall. And one day I might just still pop in for a look.


Emma said…
It's beautiful, AJ - well done!
Liou said…
interesante, buena idea
Car said…
I love it, you did an awesome job!

I will keep that sunlounge spare just for your visit one day :)

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