Hanging of the quilts

There are a thousand other things on today's 'to do' list but I just had to hang these.

There is a nice little space to the left of the photo for another wall hanging....yes?? Any sugesstions?

This special quilt went up in my sewing room too! I won't show you the whole room as that was on the list today....and well....must get done tonight or my sister will have nowhere to sleep over Christmas if it doesn't!

 Looks perfect next to last years quilt.

And above my local art from Tassie that I brought back from when we visited earlier in the year.

I just couldn't resist this little canvas from a local artist which I found in the Huon Valley Apple and Heritage Museum. Hubby wasn't to happy carrying it around with us (as I found on our second day) but it isn't very big and it travelled well and I knew it would look great in my sewing room.

The trees down the bottom are made of paper and I just love the textures in the work...and the memories it brings of our family holiday.


Amelia Jones said…
theyre all absolutely lovely! Please take a look at my blog! http://wearableartblog.blogspot.com

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