Milla's Santa Sack

Last year Bailey and Aden both had their 'Santa Sacks' filled as they were both such good boys!
Milla has joined them this year on the 'good' list so needed one too!

I've been totally slack in finishing it off and hopefully it will arrive at her house before Santa does!
I'm not totally happy with it....I wanted something more 'cute' and 'girly' but I guess she wont be a little girl for ever.....and this was the best I could find in my Christmas magazines. I hope her Mum likes it!

I do like her gold thread halo and wings....although it was a PITA to stitch!


Bec Clarke said…
It's gorgeous, lovely work
The Humming Cat said…
I like it too, Christmas colours always a win win. Now want to help me with mine?

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