Advent Blog-a-long #9 - Santa Sacks

The thing I remember most about Christmas from when I was a kid are the 'Santa Sacks' we carefully placed at the end of our beds on Christmas Eve. We each had one with our names on them and Santa would fill them with goodies for us to open on Christmas morning. These were the only things we were allowed to open before breakfast. I don't really remember how old I was when we stopped using them, as I have a younger sister by a few years I assume she used hers after I stopped??, I'd have to ask Mum.
Mine has a second picture on the back

Coincidentally DH had one too as a kid (although he doesn't know where it is now) and so it was definitely something we wanted Aden to have too.

A short trip down memory little and sweet was my boy! (Am I allowed to be clucky about my own little one??)

Aden has his from last year...but I've fixed it up and added some tiny bells. I'm still searching for the tiny buttons Ads gave me for my Noah's quilt but I can't find the spare ones I have here... Wonder which 'safe' spot I put them in....
There is still a massive gap at the top and I'm thinking of putting some holly leaves and berries there...any other suggestions??

This year I've made one for Cousin Bailey. Something boy-ish and bold! Hope he has been good so Santa can fill it with goodies....I have a few wrapped ready to go!

I wonder if I left mine out for Santa this year, would I find something in it on Christmas morning??


Car said…
OMG I had one very similar to yours!!!

Mine was filled until the year I moved out ;) I was 20 when I moved out of home LOL!!!

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