Advent Blog~a~long #1 - House

Car is hosting an Advent blog-a-long! I'm trying for something Christmas-y each day but we'll see how that goes!

Of course I'm about to fail that first up...but there is some green there!
DH won't let me do the tree or the decorations til he has a day off to join in the fun with Aden...fair enough so I'll have to wait til Sunday. In the mean time I have been sewing these

I only made 2 out of the 4...the others were cheaper to buy than make! Can you guess which 2 are mine?? I have enough fabric and inserts for 3 more pillows but DH thinks that any more and there will be no room left on the couch for us! I'm thinking one more smaller a green stripe??

This is our new leather lounge...DH picked it and I like it more now that I see it in the house. We also got the glass table...maybe not such a good choice with sticky toddler fingers around...I could clean it every 5 mins and it would still be dirty! At the moment I wipe it over once a day...usually after said toddler is in bed!

Something Christmas-y tomorrow I hope!

Want to make something Christmas-y?? Need some inspiration?? Nic is hosting a count down with 12 crafty things for Christmas! YOu can join in at her blog if you want


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