Advent Blog~a~long #7 - Gingerbread house

Continuing the cooking theme today...
I tried to find a Gingerbread house kit but didn't find one (I wasn't looking too hard I know they are out there somewhere!!)
Better Homes and Gardens came to the rescue with a recipe and a video tutorial by 'Fast Ed'
It was not fast...a few hours in the fridge, baking, waiting til Aden goes to bed, too tired to start, phone calls, buying lollies, making icing, stopping Aden from eating lollies....etc
DH was on hand to pipe the icing as I mixed it too much and made it too stiff. But we managed....I'm not that impressed with it...the decorations look...boring?? But I made my very own gingerbread house...from scratch. Let's see if it lasts the 6hr car trip in a few weeks!

Gingerbrad men and areoplanes with the leftover dough

A few freckle roof tiles short


Car said…
Awesome job!!!

Can't believe you made from scratch, I got my kit at Aldi, then saw target had them too!!!
Kirsty said…
I think it looks fantastic, especially since you made it from scratch.
The Humming Cat said…
Oh it is way cute! If I was Hansel or Gretel I would so want to live there!! Love the musk stick support beams/
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
It looks great AJ!!!!
Kylie said…
Looks great. What did you think of the Pepermint MnM's? I bought them for he colour - but cant get past the feeling of freshly brushed teeth after eating a handful:)

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