Advent Blog-a-long #12 - Charity

Every year the In-laws go on a charity Christmas 'Toy Run' with their bike club. People line the local streets and give them toys to donate to The Salvation Army. They popped in to see us before they left. It is the 14th year they have had the toy run and it seems to get bigger every year. We would have gone and had a look but Aden was asleep.
He got a turn on the bikes when they returned.
On Nanna's bike
On Puppa's bike

He wasn't totally keen on the bikes, they are very loud, but we are trying to get him used to them!

We give what we can to charities throughout the year but I'm going to start a tradition with Aden of choosing a gift for the Kmart wishing tree . He is a bit little to do it himself this year so I will help him but as he gets bigger I hope he will understand just how lucky he is and that it isn't like that for everyone at Christmas.

There is also this sweet little boy in need of some Christmas cheer if you have any left to spare.


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