Advent Blog~a~long #3 - New Traditions

Aden was a too little last year at just 4 months-old to start any traditions for him at Christmas, and we were moving over 1400kms and in limbo at the time, but this year he is old enough and I love it!

This Fisher Price Nativity Scene was shown on Corrie's blog last week and then I saw they were on special this week at Kmart and just had to get one for Aden. He loves it!

He played with it for ages last night while waiting for Daddy to come home from work. I think everyone one had a turn at being the angel on top...even a bus driver!

(please excuse the grubby clothes I had just picked him up from Day Care)

And it has been out again this morning! I think Mummy is having just as much fun as Aden is!

It will be packed away after Christmas and come out each year with the decorations. I'm hoping no pieces get lost!


Leah said…
We had a worrying time when we lost the donkey, but he's back, better than ever. My kids are playing with our set enthusiastically again (and they're at 7 and 6 way past most Little People.)
Jodie said…
I love this set. I brought it this year as well to use in my RE classes, the 7/8 yearolds loved it too. Thomas thinks it is great as well.
Jennie said…
Just discovered your blog - just wanted to tell you I've had that nativity for 6 years now. Only one piece has been lost, so I'd say we're doing well (it was just the top of the straw feeder thing). All my kids love it.
ingrid said…
I bought this set at kmart this week too! I have been longing for it for a few years and always missed out.
I am a mean mumma though and ours is up on a shelf. I let Kitty press the angel and that is it. She can play with the 3724 other little people we have. This set is all mine!

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