Advent Blog~a~long #15 - Sickness

Not a very cherry Christmas-y post but that is what we have here at the moment. My little boy has his first real 'sickness' - tonsillitis. Poor boy wants nothing more than laying on Mummy and the occasional sip of water. The doctor has given his some Ab's and said he should start to feel better by Friday...fingers crossed he does. The house looks like a bomb has hit and I can't do much as he cries everytime I put him down or move out of his line of sight. He is sleeping now on me now and I think we are in for a long last night!
It really made me think of all the other kids that will be in hospital over Christmas and how hopeless their parents must feel. All they want is for their little ones to get christmas wish for them

He is on the mend thank goodness...much perky-er today...and naughty this afternoon...the medicine must be doing it's work!

Apparently I'm not the only one that does this...and this is the first time I've done it I promise! According to my facebook friends and family this is a great way to contain the clean washing...pile it into the port-a-cot!


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