Advent Blog-a-long #21 - The perfect gift

Are you a giver?? You have the perfect gift!!

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service have launched a massive campaign to get more people to donate blood this Christmas.

Each 'gift' can save the life of 3 is one example.

I have just used the EASY online booking service to make an appointment for my first donation...and I have a horrible fear of if I can you can too!! (Hubby is donating at the same time so I won't be alone!! although it is not his first time)

On a side note I didn't realise so many people can't give blood so take the quiz first and if you can't talk your family and friends into giving blood on your behalf


CurlyPops said…
Thankyou AJ for booking in for your very first donation - it's a brave step and it's appreciated so much by lots of people just like me!
I hope you have a super fabulous christmas!

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