My new plants

Boxwood Basil
Year-round Basil and Thyme
Italian Parsley

Hubby uses heaps of herbs in his cooking and I'm sick of paying too much for them...So I'm going to start with these and add some more soon. The strawberries are for Aden and cause they looked like nice healthy plants...lets hope I can keep them that way!

I've found some help to grow my herbs. Herb Guide
And this makes for interesting reading...if your interested... Basil List


Xena said…
I am doing herb shopping next week and turning the front porch into a herb area. Yours look great can just imagine how they will be in a few weeks.
Car said…
With the amount of rain we are getting, these will grow fast!

I'll have to bookmark that herb guide, I grew mine from seedlings and have them all in one pot!

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