Advent Blog~a~long #8 - Stockings

Aden has been busy making decorations to add to our tree.
Blowing Kisses
I cut up his paintings into stockings and added some cotton balls and ribbon...I've traced his footprint onto the to make some more for the Aunties!

Aden also received this lovely stocking from an elderly relative. It is beautifully stitched, quilted and fully lined. And it has a lovely little label inside for his name. Thanks Great-Aunt Betty!

Our Christmas corner

We also went to the local Christmas street carnival? festival? parade?? Not sure what to call it There were lots of local clubs selling raffle tickets for hams and things, some food, a few rides (all to big for Aden to go on) and Santa arrived on a fire truck as we were leaving...Aden was already asleep in the year he might get a little more out of it.
Aden is quite the little dancer...he insisted he get out of the pram when ever he heard some music and was grooving in the street! Here he is watching the local dance school perform.


Kylie said…
Looks like lots of fun:) Love the kisses.

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