Advent Blog-a-long #10 - Day Care Christmas Party

We went our first Day Care Christmas party this afternoon...can't say I was impressed with their organisation...or lack there of! Aden seems to be enjoying the day-to-day stuff there and the staff are happy to answer my annoying questions and queries. Hopefully Aden will continue to learn and grow there next year while I'm back at work.
Aden made a fantastic block tower...he likes knocking them down best of all I think
Reading his portfolio
Playing on the 'big kid' equipment while waiting for Santa
Watching Santa arrive on his motorbike...this was as close as Aden would get!
Opening a book from Santa...there were too many kids to get close to Santa...poorly organised in my opinion...but Daddy was there to help.


MIL said…
Santa & presents, fun for all. Pics are great but ... Look at all that blonde hair. I know that isn't the focus of the pics but they are the best yet of showing the long awaited blonde locks.

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