I didn't realise how many blogs out there are all about organising your home/kitchen/junk/clutter! I stumbled onto this site showing 52 weeks of organising and stupidly showed my husband! He thinks it is great and to please him and to stop the 'stuff' invading my house, I'm going to give it a go.

It is hard to know where to start when you are a horder, love 'keepsakes' can't bear to part with anything Aden has created, and have a dozen 'hobbies'.

I'm going to start in the pantry. I few weeks ago I bought over $1000 of Tupperware. It has all been washed and dried and is ready to go.

Here is what my pantry looked like a few weeks ago when I decided something must be done about it.
We've been super lazy on the cooking front and I think this mess has something to do with it....can't find anything!

I'll show you in a few hours what my pantry now looks like....when I finish it....come looking for me if I don't make it back.....


cas said…
Cant wait to see the finished pantry, i love tupperware!
sammyjo said…
haha you havent gotta lost have you!, this sounds like a good idea! i drive my partner mad with all the stuff around the house so im goin to check it out :)
Car said…
I love tupperware! I have collected it over the years and managed to get myself a few different sets of modular mates for free with parties!

Must go check out that website :) I started to organise but have a heap more to go yet!

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