WIP Wednesday

Well really I did and I'm very pleased with it! I've finally been into the sewing room again. Yeah me!

Aden loves to play with his Matchbox cars...takes them to the shops, driving in the car, Nana's house and even to bed! He also likes to (like most little kids) put things in things and carry them around.

So I've added this to his Christmas presents...... a car bag for all those cars!

I'm soooo tempted to give it to him now as I know how much he will love it!
Cousin Bailey will get one too and it was so super easy to make I think I'll make one for the 'Little People Navitiy' to live in too....when not being played with of course!

The fantastic tutorial for this big is found here on In Color Order. My new favourite blog I think!

I can see endless uses for a drawstring bag of this size....what would be put in it?


Paula said…
That's gorgeous. Ben just got one of the folding car carriers (similar to the pencil carrier that you made Alannah). It is fabulous and we can take 6 cars with us and have a little road on the folding side!! I'll have to show you it when you come over next time.

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