Maverick Stars

Ever been so involved in a  project that you can't think of anything else?

Nope me neither.....I so have Crafters ADD!

I went looking through a pile of fabric to find the material I know I have for making a knights outfit for Aden...and look what I found! 

An almost finished quilt top!

So what is a girl to do but sit down and finish off the last 4 blocks!

The tutorial for these blocks can be found here. Please don't look at the date!

Most of the blocks are together now....I'm stopping to rest my shoulder. But hopefully I can join the last few together tomorrow.... and find that knight fabric.....

I'm  counting it as progress in my 'Kick the Bucket 2014' challenge. You can read about it here


Milly said…
What a blast from the past!
Cee said…
I love those stars!! I will add them to the very long list of 'things I need to learn RE: quilting'!
Car said…
I have four of these started... Not finished.
Helen said…
Oh I remember these! Didn't I stuff them up and had to do more? LOL

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