21 Weeks

Kick Kick Kick!!

I felt Russell's first kicks over the weekend!! (20 weeks + 4 days) Definite kicks (or punches) that I can feel on different pasts of my tummy and see on my skin a little...it is very cool. The most unusual feeling...like bubbles popping under my skin...I can feel them as I type.... and has been happening all weekend and at work the last few days...only when I'm sitting/laying down and still though. DH has tried to feel them...and I think he did tonight...just briefly... he blamed the food in my stomach though!! How rude!! Hopefully it won't be too long til he can really feel them!!

We also went baby shopping on the weekend, while FIL was here to help with the lift, to pick up my rocking chair...major hiccup though! They lost my lay by!! They had lots of the other colours but not the one we ordered and they had kept for us....so a few phone calls later they have now found it...but it will be another week before we have time to go and pick it up!

While we were there though FIL kindly bought us the care seat we had picked out...a racing style blue to match the car!! lol DH's choice! Thanks Graeme and Toni!!!

Aunger 3000 Deluxe
Easy to install
Rear facing/front facing convertible car seat
For use from newborn to 18kg
High profile wings for comfort and safety
Four harness positions and protective stabilising arm
Luxury trim with marching deluxe insert
Padded headrest for extra comfort
Crotch protector
Seat belt protectors
Made in Australia
Australian Standards AS1754 certified
Space saving design
Easy to change positions
Moulded in tough polypropylene
Dimensions: 54cm x 57cm x 48cm

We also had a second-hand change table given to us and after a clean up it will be as good as new so we are well on our way to kitting out the nursery!!

Weight: 68kg


dottycookie said…
Ooooh! Aren't those kicks just the best thing ever? I used to go to a prenatal yoga class in both pregnancies and got the biggest kicks and wriggles when we lay down to relax at the end - almost as if the exercises had made more space so the baby was having a good stretch out!
Cass said…
Funnily my DP only felt the kicks once. Everytime he put his a=hand on my stomach it would stop kicking or he would get too impatient to wait
Cascade Lily said…
Congrats on the kicks! LOL at this selling point on the car seat: "Crotch protector"

If Russell is a boy then he's well catered for PMSL!!

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