23 Weeks

Rock-a-bye Baby!!

Finally I have my rocking chair a rockin'...Hubby put it together for me on Sunday and it works beautifully!! The free up-grade in models means that this one reclines...bonus!! It is super comfy and I can see me falling asleep in it!! Might come in handy if bubs is an unsettled one!
PIctures taken at 22 Weeks + 5 days

Also this arrived in the mail this week...a baby carrier...one of the better ones on the market apparently...supports bubs weight better than other 'hang by the crouch' ones

I also bought some flannelette cot sheets, PJ's for hospital and a few other small bits and pieces this afternoon while I was out.

Weight: 70kg (OMG!!!)


Felicity said…
OMG Congratulations. I was just lurking the Quilting section of EB when I saw your ticker. Its been such a long time since I have read your blog. Well done and I hope your enjoying every minute of being pregnant. xxx Felicity (aka mum2brodie)
Looking good there AJ. Rest up, time will fly now....
Cee said…
Ha ha!!! welcome to the 70's!!!

It makes me smile that you will soon be reaching the 80's!!! :)

Love you sis!!!
Helen said…
70 kilo's! Oh you Fatty!!!! Another cherry ripe? LOL You look very comfy in that chair!
Bee said…
Finally after all these years you weigh more than me . . . .hahahahaha YAY!!!! Love you big sis - you look so healthy and happy - big kisses for you, bub and hubby! miss you like crazy!!! MWAH!!!

P.S - I look foward to rocking baby asleep in that comfy chair!! xox

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