I can see the floor!!

After a few hours organising I can once again see the floor in our study/sewing room. A lot of it was work related but there was quilting things mixed in too. I washed and ironed all the lovely new fabric I had hanging around after another trip to Spotlight yesterday so it is ready to go when I get the chance.

Also had a marathon Scrapbooking afternoon with my SIL yesterday...she got a lot done with my help...I did do 7 pages last weekend though so that should do me for now...I have a lot to do next year if I want to finish Mum's 50th album in time!!

Only 5 more weeks of school left...I can't wait!!


Cascade Lily said…
Oooooh new fabric! I really like the checkered one! Your SL obviously has a bigger range than mine!
AJ said…
No such luck!!! That is a purshase from 'The HUmming Mini'!!!

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