Mystery Quilts...

I've been intrigued by 'Mystery Quilts' for a while now...I like the idea of not knowing what it is you will end up with...but have never been game enough to start one with out waiting for the final reveal case I don't like it! Strange I know!! But last night it got me thinking....and designing...I sayed up to 1am drawing and designing quilts....My grand idea now is I write instructions for my own mystery quilt...I wonder if any of the EB girls are willing to give it a try....????

It will have a feature fabric (light) that you can fussy cut the centre squares for and then 3 (2 x medium, 1 dark) contrasting fabrics....that makes interlocking blocks, that form a pattern....I have done two has more feature fabric squares and appears on point and the other one is more square..both have a feature fabric border to finish them off....and then binding in one of the medium fabrics....

I'm going to make the quilt for a friend's baby due in February...and possible the other one for my brothers baby due in I can try the two versions...will just have to find the perfect fabric...non-gender specific fabric...and write the instructions....

Here are some of the other design I did.... simple but I have specific fabric in mind....

'Fairies on Point'
This one was designed for some Fairy fabric I have...the same stuff in Chelsea's quilt

'Coloured Rail-fence'
This one was designed as a stash buster....Where one line of diagonal colour is, it will be a mix of prints/tone-on-tone in that colour...use up some of the smaller pieces I have.
'Rail Fence'
I loved the colours so much in my D9P that I thought I'd use them again in a quilt like this....I coloured it with red...trying to make it non-gender specific....but I think the pink will work heaps better!!

And of course (:P) I won't post pics of the mystery quilt design...that will spoil the mystery!!

Edited to add....

Quilt size....square lap quilt.. not 100% on exact size yet... like a single bed but square
Instalments...maybe monthly(unless you want them quicker)...hopping to make the whole quilt myself before posting iron out the errors!
Fabric choices....yep planning to give you some help there too!! Like I said I have two different I think (if I'm game enough) I'll do both!
Instructions will start mid January maybe...would you prefer it earlier??

PS Hi Sandy....great to see you blog commenting!!!


Helen said…
Hmmmmm AJ, interesting.. interesting..... How big do you think the Mystery Quilt will be??
Cascade Lily said…
I've been playing with rail fence combos for the single bed quilt I'm making for Rom (my long-term project) too. Very effective :)

And I hope your mystery quilt doesn't have a 'curse' on it (you wrote curse instead of course)!!! LOL
larnalarn said…
I like this idea. How often would you publish the instructions installments? I would like some color guidance and print scale.

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