Happy Birthday Darling!

My darling husband has finally caught up to me in age and is now as 'old' as I am!! We decided to go away for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday and most likely the last 'couple' holiday before bubs is born. So we headed north to Mt Quincan ...with a cyclone warning issued just hours before....Cyclone Charlotte was way north from where we were going but it was with caution that we decided to go.

We had to drop Jester and Nikita off at the kennels on the way...a real pain now that we have no family left here to babysit them for us....which also meant the dog had to get in the car, which I hate as he drools on the windows!!

We made it with no dramas and booked in for tea at Hubby favourite Swiss/Italian Restaurant. We lit a fire when we got back, not because it was cold but everything was so damp from all the rain...it was very strange having a fire in the middle of summer!!

We tried to hand feed this possum found living in the pot plant on the veranda, until it tried to bit DH's finger...lucky it didn't!

We packed up and left a day early as the rain did not let up at all. Lucky we left when we did as we had to drive for 4 hours in the pouring rain....the windscreen wipers did not get turned off the whole way! We drove through three lots of water over the road, so I am sure it is worse now as they have had a further 177mm, up there since we left at 9am this morning.

So my darling hubby has had a wonderful birthday driving through the rain to get home...he says it is only half a birthday...but he has tomorrow off as well to make up for it!

Happy 28th Birthday darling!!


Cass said…
Cyclone Charlotte is always hanging around our house!

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