Bye Bye....

Bye Bye Aunty Cee! Thanks for looking after me while Mummy went to the Dentist, sorry about the stinky nappy!! (hehehe) I love my fish and my new clothes. See you in a few months! xxxooo

Look at the little bits of fuzz growing on Aden's head!! I'd like to think he is growing some hair...but that is just wishful thinking!
Aden has been making himself a new rotuine the last few nights...not one Mummy likes! Waking up twice last night and taking a while to settle after a feed the night before...he still doesn't like to sleep much in the day with sleep times of 1/2 hour max!! I can't start anything too major unless it can sit and wait til Aden is playing happily again.


Helen said…
LOL I gave Oliver the same bodysuit/shirt when he was a baby!

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