{Bee Block} Mitred Squares

Milly at the Tin Whistle asked for these super simple but oh so accurate Mitred Squares.

Photo taken from Milly's blog
She left us with a tutorial and while I waited for her fabrics to arrive I pulled out all my own stripy fabrics!

I didn't htink I had quite that many but they were fun to stash dive for! And even though I pulled them out early I didn't get to do anything with them til Milly's fabrics arrived.

Her tutorial is super easy to use and I was SUPER impressed with how neatly I could line up the stripes! I sorta got carried away and made more than I should...I'm sure the 'clown vomit' quilt Milly makes will like the extras!

Before trimming to size

Trimmed....bit sad it lost some of it's orange stripes!

Here are the ones from Milly's fabrics....

These are the extra's I made from my stripes....

These two come from the same piece of fabric!

Thanks for a great block Milly


The Humming Cat said…
so bright and happy
Helen said…
These look awesome AJ!

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