Happy Birthday Mum!!

My mum turned 50 yesterday...and celebrated in style!! We went down for 5 days to help her prepare and organise a 'Hippy' themed party. DH and I dressed up and went way out with wigs even!! No photos yet as I forgot to take my camera...soooo unlike me!! I finished her '50 years' photo album and it was well recieved, thank goodness!! It only took 8 months worth of work and 172 pages!! plus a little bit more money than we planned to spend...oh well it was worth it!

After a very very slack month as a blogger I will try and to get some more posts online in October!! It is the start of the final term at school and so will be a very busy one!! I will do my best!'

Here is a pic for this post....I came home to find these blooming in my garden...I though I would miss out on seeing them while we were away but there are even a few buds still left to open.


Emma said…
Welcome home - I'd been wondering where you were. Those roses are beautiful! How's your hexagon quilt coming along? I'm cutting more squares for my one-of-everythign quilt, and keep coming across pieces with a square cut for your hexagons! We didn't hear much about it this winter.
Emma said…
PS - I noticed you've given your blog a facelift! Nice !
Helen said…
AJ! Yes you have been a slack blogger recently! Welcome back! Roses look lovely! Mine are just in bud, Happy 50th AJ's Mummy!

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