Sew your stash thin 2013

It seems that there are a few stashes out there that are out of control....mine included! So after a chat with some online quilting/sewing ladies I've decided to host a stash busting effort for 2013.

sew your stash thin 5

The aim is that you make something (and finish it WIP's don't count!) out of you stash and that the out going fabrics are more than the incoming 'must have' fabrics.

I just can't put a ban on fabric buying....what if the BEST fabric ever is released this year and I miss out! So this will hopefully keep a lid on it!

To help keep track of that fact that your stash is shrinking I'm going to suggest that your count in Fat Quarters.

Backing and binding for quilts is easy to calculate.
Quilt tops can be more difficult. You can use the pattern requirements, if you use a pattern, to help work it out, or measure what is left of the fabric yardage/FQ's that you used, or you might like to weigh your finished top and use that weight of it to guesstimate how many FQ's you have used.

If your quilt top is made up of squares (or HST) counting them and using this may help...


I'm planning of keeping track in my side bar with a simple (Out = x In = x Difference = x) count.

If only I knew how to design an app! I'm sure there is a need for one!

Leave a comment and join up on the linky and watch your stash shrink! 


Milly said…
Woo hoo. I'm in!
Kirsty said…
What do you count as out, a completed quilt, quilted and bound or just a quilt top :)
LittleWhiteDove said…
Joined and blogged!
Magda said…
I'm in!!!
Karee said…
Count me in. Last yr's monthly average was: 32 yds out, 40 yds in...
I do LOVE fabric and helping fabric fulfill its destiny.
I'm in. Late I know but I'm here!
Unknown said…
Hi, going to try this hope i succeed. lol

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