12 WIP's in 2012 - Round up!

With the end of 2012 comes the end of 12 WIP's in 2012.
I didn't get anything near the amount of finishes that I thought I would but it did inspire others to work through their WIP pile.

I've spent the last few hours checking blogs and links to gather together all the entries. But I have a bit of a problem. Only 5 of you sent me something to add to the prize. It still makes a nice little bundle of fabrics and bits and bobs, but I'm wondering if I should wait til the end of the month to draw the prize and give the others one last chance to pay their 'entry fee'.


Here is the final list of entrants and the number of tickets they have in the draw.

A Mummy  =  4
Anna = 2
Bacoon = 1
Bec = 3
Becky = 7
Car = 9
Leah = 3

Please comment if you'd like to still send me something by the end of the month or if you think I should just go ahead with the draw with it's 5 entrants.



Celtic Thistle said…
Congratulations to Tin Whistle on 13 finishes, above and beyond the call of duty!

Go with whatever is easiest for you with the draw.
Nell said…
I'm really not worried AJ as it was more important to me to get those projects done than any other incentive! Thinking I might join your stash busting in 2013 but probably won't do it "officially" as a lot of my fabric is for clothes not quilts? Thanks for a great year of WIPS!
Copper Patch said…
I don't mind either way - looks like a great pile already but more fabric never hurts (says she who has an exploding floor to cieling bookshelf full of fabric....)
Thanks for all of that motivation AJ. I tried to do a round up blog post but the photos weren't uploading so I gave up.
I'm going to aim for 13 in 2013 as I still have several projects to churn through. Good luck with the stash reduction!

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