{2013} A new year

You may have been wondering where I disappeared to....?? Well it turns out that a certain 3-year-old had been enjoying his toy research a little to much in the form on YouTube clips and used our entire (massive) download limit for the month in 20 days! Needless to say we have now removed the Wi-fi from the Tablet and are strictly monitoring what he is doing on the computer! (Not that we didn't know what he was doing before, they are all innocent toy reviews, but we didn't realise how quickly they chew up your download!!)

So other than a scheduled post for the finial WIP round-up for the year (more on that later) the blog has been non-existent for the Christmas/New Year period. Loading photos on dial-up speed is not worth the trouble!

Christmas was lovely and relaxed at Nanny's house with friends and family. Aden was the only child there on Christmas morning so between Santa, Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, Great Nan, Aunts and Uncles he was rather spoilt. He was very grateful for all that he received and was thrilled that Santa knew that he wanted a 'big' dinosaur and some Lightning McQueen 'stuff'.

My favourite thing leading up to Christmas was watching him whisper his secret wish to those little 'Santa Clause' seed heads that you see floating around at this time of year. Mummy has her own secret wish going for 2013 so hopefully that will come true too!

We had a few relaxing days at home before heading to central Queensland (via Gladstone to see Grandad)  to see my SIL and BIL for new years. Aden had a great time playing with Bailey and Milla. The 9 hours in the car today wasn't high on the list of favourite things we did.

I was really disappointed with all of the photos I took on Christmas day and have decided to use the New Year to practise and really get to know my camera and take decent photos. I've decided to take on 'Project Life' a photo a day to remember the year of 2013, and get better at using the camera.

This photo is of Aden playing in the front yard with Bailey and Milla. I love those sweet curls! I've added some tabs to the top of my blog page where you'll be able to follow my 'Project Life'


I've also made some other personal goals for 2013 so hopefully I can keep on track with them also. One of them being a 'stash reduction' challenge so keep and eye out for that in a few days time. 

I hope your 2013 is off to a great start and continues to be happy and productive for you. Happy New Year!  


Kylie said…
Fingers crossed your secret wish for 2013 comes true.
Copper Patch said…
So that's where you got to...I had wondered :o)
Selina said…
Oh the curls! Love them!

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