Mail = Smiles

It is amazing how a friendly voice and a few pieces of mail can put a smile on ones face....especially when it has been missing all day!!

After a tough day at work it was lovely to come home (early 'cause I didn't want to face the piles of marking still to do!) and hear not only a lovely message on my voice mail from Helen checking on what fabric I needed but also a package of lovely red fabrics from Ads too!! As well as some OZtion FQ's.
Thank you girls for looking after me!!!


Emma said…
Let me know what you want; my stash will never know the difference!
Heids said…
Oooh I LOVE that fabric of the little girls doing the house work - did it come oztion? It is gorgeous.
AJ said…
Thanks Emma!!

Yes Heids it did....from Jen's Patch (the link in the post)
Helen said…
Just as long as you don't pop that COKE fabric in my RR, I'll love it AJ!
Tracey said…
I love those fabrics AJ, especially the green and blue one. I will have to have a look at Jens Patch on Oztion, I got a whole heap from creative quilting this week, oooh think I will be in trouble...hehe
atet said…
Isn't it amazing how a little pick me up in the mail can change your entire outlook? And when the package includes fabric goodies -- ooooh boy!

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