New Ideas...

The latest AP&Q (Vol 16 No 8) arrived on my doorstep on Friday....and I found these two quilt I like...Both very different in style and colour. The first one reminds me of the quilt I made for Patrick. I love the tiny 16 patch blocks and the diamonds that appear after putting it together. It was done as a mystery quilt in three parts. I'm thinking of one in Blues and greens and purples with white. I've called the quilt 'Sherbet' (as it didn't have a name....just mystery quilt).

The other one...'Westward Ho!'... not sure why i like it....I don't really like the colours of course....but I can see it in aqua, creams and browns (the Sand and Surf Fabrics by Marcus Brothers)


Heids said…
I love how you can picture patterns in different colour schemes and recognise a good pattern even when the colours used are not nice...I don't quilt (yet) but I am only ever tempted by patterns that use colour schemes I like.
Emma said…
I really liked the quilts in this issue, too. I want to try a quilt in citrus colours sometime - eventually!

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