My Noodle and the 'pink spew blanket'

I haven't posted about Noodle for a while so I thought I would...I didn't have to look far to find her...She was (and still is) curled up asleep in the corner of my study/sewing room on top of these quilts...Now these quilts have a story all of their own, well one of them does anyway...and I thought I'd share it with you!

These blankets were made by my Mum's mum's Sister-in-Law....Aunty Una. She also made us other great things as kids like doona covers (do you remember those Bee and Cee!!) and floor cushions. She made four of them, one for each of us kids and they were and still are a great size for traveling.

Anyway this one day they did travel with us...from home to Byron Bay, where we were visiting our relatives. To get to Byron Bay before they changed the road, you had to go up and over this winding range. It just so happened that we stopped at a servo before getting to that part of the trip and my youngest sister insisted, at the age of about 3, that she could drink a whole carton (300mls) of pink strawberry flavoured milk!! Well now you can see where the pink spew comes into it!!

I can't remember whether it was up the mountain or down the mountain range that littlest sister decided she wasn't feeling well and sat on my big brothers lap to look out the window for fresh air....well not long after we saw that pink milk again...all over the blanket and my brother, all down both the inside and outside of the car door and even down inside the door so that when we wound the window up we saw the pink milk again!! It was gross and the blanket smelt for a long while like pink milk spew...and hence it has always been called the pink spew blanket!!

We took it to the football last weekend, and as we sat on the grass those great memories came flooding back!! And it has been on the floor ever since...too lazy to put it away...and Noodle has claimed it as her own!!


Stacey said…
Noodle is beautiful. I love black cats - especially when they are as shiny as Noodle is.
Beautiful blankets. So pleased you got the pink spew out!
jane said…
Noodle has just the right cat sense to claim something with a food history.
What a lovely sleepy Noodle.
Carrisa said…
I can't believe you still have the pink spew blanket!!

Thanks so much for reminding me!!

everyone just remeber I was only 3 (think i was closer to 4) at the time!! :p

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