Doll Quilt Swap III

Quilt-y mail is good
Quilt-y mail from a friend is better
Quilt-y mail from a good friend is the BEST!!

The wonderful, super talented, luminous, magnificent, brilliant, and extra special quilter that is my friend Adds was lucky enough to get me as her swap partner for the Doll Quilt Swap III that was run through flickr.

I loved her sneak peeks and was desperate to see the finished quilt....but she wouldn't let me...I even promised not to tell anyone that I had looked and still she held her ground!! Oh and I am sooooo glad she did!!

After getting home from the Clinic with some good news, a found a package from Western Australia...oh goody I thought my Doll Quilt, it didn't click that it was from Adds, she had craftily used her in-laws address on the package...cheeky!!

But when I opened it I knew it was from Adds...and I was so so soooooo delighted!!! How could I not be with such a beautiful quilt....The Prints Charming Fabric is Divine and the quilting on this one is stunning!! Not sure if Adds knew or not but I'm a sucker for a diamond pattern!

This one will be taking its place beside her sisters wall hanging that I have up in my sewing room, along with Grace's drawing, Cate's picture, a picture of Muffin, a card from flowers from the EB girls and a painting of red roses done by Sue.

She also made my some matching Babushkas to sit near my sewing cute!!

My Babies




As well I got my cake layers from the fabric swap we are and orange yummy-ness and to top it all off and extra piece of Michael Miller Daisy vine fabric!! I'm so spoilt!!


Emma said…
Wonderful quilt, but more wonderful about the good news :)
Emma said…
PS - We'd love to see a photo of all those items on the wall!
Cass said…
AJ great quilt, well done Adds
Helen said…
wow! Quilt looks stunning AJ, she didn't even give me a sneak peak although I knew she had you as a partner. Can't wait to see them hanging together. :)
calamitykim said…
Gorgeous doll quilt! I am so happy for you both! I would love to have someone that I knew to be my swap partner! It makes it so much more fun and enjoyable! Show us the wall once it's hung up- OK??
Clare said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've sent you my home address by PM.

I love the colours in the doll quilt - beautiful.

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