Welcome Home

We had a 'Welcome Home' parade this afternoon for the boys (and girls) that have served in Afghanistan in the last 12 months. My BIL, as part of 'Reconstruction Task Force 3', did a wonderful job teaching young Afghans how to re-build their broken city. After 8 very long months (just ask his wife of 9 months!!) he came back safe and sound and we are all very proud of him. So well done fellers and thank you!!

After the march and some free food. Guess who poped up on stage to perform...Shannon Noll!!


Kylie said…
Welcome Home to your BIL - it feels like only yesterday that I was on the strand welcoming my then boyfriend (now DH) home from Timor! Have you received the email about wearing red on Fridays to support our troops - might have to send that on to you AJ!

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