Hanging of the quilt!

I couldn't wait to hang this little beauty! Someone was asking how to hang the quilts so I though I'd show you. This really only works for little light quilts, hangs then nice and flat against the wall! You need bigger dowel and therefor bigger hooks for bigger quilts to support the weight!

Here is how I do it!

Ingrid had already added hanging corners to my quit so that step is already done...if not you will have to add them first...these are done before the binding it stitched to the front of the quilt. They are perfect for these little quilts and quick to do. Fold a square half (wrong sides together) and line it up in the corner, stitch it down....done!

Find some 3M Command Cord Clips . I get mine from either Bunnings, Big W or Kmart.
Cut a piece of 6mm dowel (also from Bunnings) to the right length. I use garden shears for a smooth clean cut. The dowel is no bigger than a stick so it works perfectly!

Slide the clips onto the ends of the dowel all the way to the middle, hook the dowel in to hanging triangles on the back of the quilt. Slide the clips to the edge of the fabric.

Attach the sticky tings that come with the clips (you can buy replacement ones if you move house a lot or need to re-arrange your quilts!) I face mine in as they are easier to pull off when you need to.

And hang it on the wall!!

I've never had a problem with removing these from the walls...a great invention!


Helen said…
Oh my!!!! What a great idea to hang! Beats me banging pins in this house! Beautiful quilt AJ, lucky thing!
ingrid said…
Wow, this looks much easier than I expected. I love 3M stuff. This is going to be my little project for the weekend.

And I have to say I got a little thrill seeing my creation hanging up like that. It is among very fancy company :-)
princess pudge said…
Oh my, I'm so off to bunnings tomorrow in the hopes they stock these and to get some dowel! You have some might pretty walls there missy ;)

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