EB Doll Quilt Swap IV

Most of the little quilts have arrived at their destinations...and then I remembered I didn't show you what I sent yet!
Here it is..well 'they' to be correct. I sent 2 little quilts to Rose and her girls...it is very hard to share one little quilt between two!

A little bit whimsy, a little bit wild, a little bit odd...not usually my style but these little quilts are great places to try new things!
I'm hoping LilFrankie's girls will have a good time playing with them...just like Aden and Grover did!


Helen said…
Aden looks like he doesn't want to give it up! Beautiful quilts AJ!
Emma said…
Great quilts, AJ! I can definiely see they were inspired by the fabric, and I love the diptych effect.

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