List for 2010....

It is long...and maybe over ambitious....??
Most of these, embarrassingly have already been started....opps!
2010 will be the year of finishes!!

 Aden’s Bunting
 Aden’s Hat x 2
 Aden’s Santa Sack
 Annaleisa’s Stacked Coin Quilt
 Annaleisa’s Doll Coin Quilt (Binding only)
 Annaleisa’s Santa Sack
 Baby J’s Bunting
 Baby J’s Santa Sack
 Blue and Green Table Runner
 Blue and White Table Runner
 Cat Wall Hanging
 Cate’s Hat
 Christmas Table Runner
 Dog Bag for Trumpy
 Door ‘snake’
 Door stoppers x 7
 Fabric Books
 Farm Panel Quilt for Emma
 Fish Pillow
 Hat for me x 2
 Log Cabin Quilt for Jodie
 Log Cabin Quilt for spare room
 Meg’s Baby Quilt
 Mum’s spare room, box quilt (backing and quilting only)
 Nappy Bag for Nicole
 Nappy Stacker for Nicole
 Nicholas’ Star Quilt
 Noah’s Submarine Cross Stitch
 Pink baby quilt
 Pink baby quilt
 Pooh Bear Panel Quilt
 Quilt for Baby Ben
 Rail Fence (Pink/Yellow/Orange) Quilt
 Red Celtic Chair Cover
 Road works BOM Quilt
 Stella’s Quilt (Binding only)
 Suduku Mini Quilt Wall Hanging
 ZaZa Quillow


Xena said…
Great big list there...can't wait to see you blitz through the list.
Emma said…
I'll be interested to see your progress through this lot! It's not embarrassing that you have many started - consider it foresight or preparation to have lots of finishes this year!
Helen said…
OMG! Thats quite a list! What you going to finish first?

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