2009 Quilts

1. Prints Charming, 2. Girly Romance, 3. Doll Quilt for Emma, 4. Bright 9-Patch, 5. Pastle 9-PAtch, 6. Noah and Friends!, 7. Finished 26th March 2009 - Quilted by Helen, 8. Samuel's Quilt

Very sad to see only 8 quilts finished this year....I will be finishing more this year!


Bec Clarke said…
You say "only 8" I say "EIGHT!!!" they are all substantial size quilts and very well made I am sure, judging by Jess's quilt, which we adore.
Well done.
Kylie said…
8 is excellent. Well done!
Cascade Lily said…
Well done (and expect the count to drop significantly once he's on the move!!!)!
Helen said…
You had a baby AJ! 8 is a fantastic number to have completed!
Shannon said…
Sad to see only 8? You crazy bloody woman. You have had a busy year this year.

Great work on completeing 8 quilts AJ!

becanne said…
Wow - I'd be happy with 2 (he,he - that's what I did manage, but both only little).
And you have a very cute, very smiley distraction!
Susan said…
8 is fantastic. They all look terrific.

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