Piles of Log Cabins.....

No I haven't been sewing ...just realised that I hadn't posted these pictures yet. A pile of Log cabin blocks...with just as many more to finish....and then I did this....now I have to make another 6 blocks....grrrrr... I'm making this quilt with no-one in mind....unusual for me....will have to think of someone to give it too!! Any takers???


Anonymous said…
[heheheeh pick me]
I love your blog
your quilt is so bright and fun I am sure the person you give it to will love it.
Have a fun day kindest regards Beth Au
novy said…
I just love how it all comes together when you put them next to each other. Lovely quilt AJ!
novy said…
On the subject of log cabins, check these out. Some of them are pretty cool!

Austy's Mum said…
Oooo I likre that layout. It is intyeres\ting watching how you are all putting your log cabins together in different ways. Well done.
Helen said…
Ohhhhh Aj, Stunning! Love the combination here! These log cabin blocks have so much potential don't they? Great swap this one!

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