2 Weeks

Aden is 2 weeks old today! It feels like we have had him here with us forever...and yet time seems to be going sooooo fast! DH has gone fishing today with his Dad so it was an early start and I should have gone back to bed....but decided to squeeze in the blog instead...I think I will need a nap later today!
Aden went to the beach for the first time this week...I can't say he was overly impressed as he spent most of the time asleep...but Jester loved the attention!

Aden loves his pram....he spent a few hours in it on Tuesday while we shopped for a new car....that we should be picking up tomorrow...so I'll blog it then!

His 'big boy' overalls from Nanny...they look super cute...now I need to sew some for him
Despite this first picture, Aden loved having his Grandma here and we did too! Thanks for all your help Lyn!

Aunty Katie
Aunty Emma


Helen said…
Awwwwww, has he grown a bit already? Lovely shots AJ. I like the second one, you cuddling him at the beach, the way you are holding and comforting him is like you have been a mother always. Enjoy this time, it goes so fast! xx
He's just gorgeous! I think I could stare at pics of him all day lol.
Cascade Lily said…
Great photos to cherish AJ. I especially like the one of Aden with his name spelt out in rocks. So cute.

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