Dreams really do come true.....

Aden Henry is finally safely in the world...only 9 days over due!

The birth was fairly tramatic for me with an induced 15 hours of labour (with drugs), induced broken waters, 2 hours of pushing with no movement followed by a c-section, cause his head was too big and desending at the wrong angle...I was disappointed and still am but I'm getting better at accepting that it was the best option for both of us. My eyes tear up and I feel sad just thinking about it. Recovery has been rather painful and I hate relying on people to do things for me...like pick up stuff that I drop...but that too is getting better everyday.

DH has been wonderful taking care of me and being very hands on with Aden. My Mum has also just left and her help was invaluable! Althought she was rather inpatient having to 'waste' 9 days of her visit while I was overdue!

Aden is a great feeder and sleeper...and very alert spending a lot of time awake which is when he wants to be nursed and held. I think we have a very curious boy on our hands! He is very strong and can hold his head up easily and looks around and fixates on things...his favourite being DH's face...which is soooo cute to watch!

I was released from hospital on Monday with good reports on both of us although we have had to watch Aden's weight gain for the last two days to make sure he was putting on weight, as he lost almost 10% of his birth weight (he made dischage with 46 grams to spare). We took him to the clinic on Wednesday to be weighed....he had put on 110grams...in just two days...the average weekly gain! What a champaion!

Now for an over load of photos from his first few days in hospital...enjoy!


JazyJae's said…
So gorgeous. I'm soooo happy for you.
How adorable! Congratulations! Jennifer
Kath said…
Oh AJ, he is absolutely gorgeous!! Sorry to hear that you didn't get the birth that you wanted...but you definately got the baby that you wanted which is the main thing, and he is just perfect! Enjoy this very special time full of cuddles xo
The Humming Cat said…
Delish baby boy! Keep the pics coming!
Car said…
He is just beautiful AJ *cluck,cluck* sorry to hear the birth wasn't the best, but you have your little man safe and sound in your arms - where he's supposed to be.

BTW I love the cloth bum photo ;) is that one of Joy's?
Helen said…
Oh AJ! Your birth sounds like Graces....... dissappointing I know but time does heal that and look at the beautiful bundle you have in your arms. Focus on that. He is just lovely. xx
Kylie said…
When Luke was born just over 7 (!!) years ago I could have written that post. Sorry the birth was not all you hoped. It is disappointing, but just remember that you are not only dealing with that disappointment but all the hormonal and emotional baggage that comes with having a baby. Be kind to yourself. It odes take time to reconcile, but you will and in the end, you have a gorgeous, healthy baby. Well done and congratulations
Anonymous said…
He is soooooooooo adorable!
Aunty J can't wait for big cuddles.
Take it easy - rest up as much as you can and enjoy this very special time

Love and Hugs
x J
Cee said…
Look at my gorgeous little man!!!

A very loved, and much wanted addition to the family!!

Love you so much!!
Shannon said…
Just beautiful AJ!!! I am so incredibly happy for you.

Cascade Lily said…
AJ I am all teary reading this post and looking at the photos. He is the most gorgeous boofa of a boy! And he is such a boy!!

I know this won't help much, but please try not to be disappointed with the labour/birth. He is here, he is perfect and you now have your heart's desire. How he came out is incidental in the big scheme of things and after all you went through to bring him into the world.

I am so happy for you!

Hugs, Lily
Vee said…
Aaaw AJ, Aden is absolutley gorgeous !
They are great pics and look forward to seeing more :)

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