Our New Car

We couldn't fit Jester and Aden into the Ute so we needed to buy a new car!
We found this last Tuesday and bought it out-right, don't owe a thing, on Friday! It's a Subaru Forester 2.5XT, with a Turbo motor. It is the flashest car I've ever owned! Full leather interior, sun roof, climate control, 6-stacker CD player, cruise control, full driver and passenger airbags, etc. I can't tell you what is it like to drive, as I can't drive it for another 3 weeks at least, but it is very comfy to ride in. Even Aden thinks so! We haven't tried it out with the dog yet...but I'll let you know how that goes when we take him to the beach next!


Emma said…
Very nice! If you're not driving because you think you're not covered, check. I'd heard the myth, and rang our insurance company, and as long as the doctor hadn't specifically said not to, it was fine. I was feeling up to it and both times drove within days of leaving hospital.
Aunty B said…
You never told me about your new car sis... and I spoke to you today! Kisses for my little man XOXOXOXOX B
Cee said…
Nice car AJ!!! We get our new car in a few days!!! I'm really excited!!

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