New projects....

I have two new projects for the new year....Mum needs me to add some extra length to the quilt I made I will be bringing that back from holidays to work on....and she wants a special scrapbooking album done for her 50th October 2008!! I need to start now so I have plenty of time to finish it...Just thought I'd record ideas here so I don't forget what she wants...

Colours: Purple, Glod, Olive Rust, Browns etc Egyptian colours
Style: contempary/vintage....not retro or brights
Number of pages: 10 or so photos for each decade.....50 odd?? So looking at 30 pages??? maybe a few more??? Will have to see how it pans out!

Yeah...I'm project....Don't know if A will feel the same way!!

Sisters...if there is anything you think needs to go in there....make sure you tell me!!


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