Firsts for Jester

Jester went for his first swim yesterday...we took him for a walk yesterday morning to the dog park...there were no other dogs there (Yeah!) and he played around for awhile chasing the birds and just sniffing and playing... we found a tennis ball there to play with...he is finally getting better at bringing it back...then as we were leaving we decided to take him to the river's edge and give him a swim...he walked in the water but wouldn't go far enough out to A picked him up and threw him out where he couldn't touch!! He swam around for a bit and loved it!! Then A had to take off his shoes and socks and go and get Jester cause he went too far along the river where we couldn't get him and he wouldn't come!!! A not happy!! Then we put the lead on him so that we could pull him back in if he went too far...I think we'll take a rope down next time to tie to his lead so he can swim out further!

First for me yesterday also...had to pick up Jester's poo while we were walking...YUCK!!!!.... A wouldn't do it!! His turn next time!!


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