Aden is one spoilt little baby! As well as heaps of other gifts from family and friends, he has received these extra special hand-made ones! The darling Helen sent Aden this special play quilt! I love the colours and they look just divine in his room. Even though the weather is warming up now this little beauty is just perfect for a lunch-time nap!
I can't get this image to be up the right way!

Lily made Aden some funky shorts and a matching appliqued suit (which is still a little big). The shorts fit perfectly....even though Lily made them bigger...What a little chubba!
Joy sent a hand-made rocket embellished t-shirt, a blue star flannel wrap and some hand-knitted longies. They are the perfect colour for Aden, bright just like Mummy likes! They fit perfectly over his cloth-nappy bottom. After my and Mum's failed attempts to make some i appreciate these ever more!

I love how they fit!

Thank you ladies WE LOVE THEM!


Cascade Lily said…
I totally love that quilt Helen made and am so glad it's for Aden!

And joy's pants are in the same colours! Clever ladies.

Aden looks so cute in his shorts - LOL that they already fit!

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