EB Doll Quilt Swap III

The annual EB quilt quilt swap is on again!!
I'm organising it again this year and I've asked the others to help out their swap partner by making a moasic of images/quilts/fabrics that they like...there are some inspiring things being made out there!
1. DQS5 Quilt Top, 2. DQS4 Received, 3. Finished Quilt, 4. finished pinwheel doll quilt, 5. Hanging line, 6. Numbers Doll Quilt, 7. August 27 203, 8. scrappy log cabins II, 9. pinwheels again, 10. Wavy patchwork Quilt., 11. hedgie~ the double hourglass quilt, 12. Special doll quilts, 13. Maverick Stars Dolls Quilt, 14. Doll Quilt Swap I: received, 15. Imagine my surprise and delight!, 16. doll quilt - log cabin/courthouse steps variation - top, 17. Doll quilt so far..., 18. liberated row, 19. Doll Quilt Swap III, 20. Baby Quilt, 21. Fish Quilt, 22. baby boy quilt, 23. stacked coins baby quilt, 24. Soiree Bed Quilt, 25. Stormy Days, 26. Garden at Sea, 27. Storm at Sea, 28. Katie's finished quilt, 29. 4SQS Winter Quilt by Tami, 30. pink and orange stars 3, 31. nolaquilt, 32. Blue and Green Baby Quilt, 33. EM's Doll Quilt, 34. checker & stripes dollquilt, 35. Doll Quilt, 36. Log Cabin Quilt for Doll Quilt Swap


Helen said…
Hmmmmm, lots of lovely ones in there! Some are my favs too!

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