2 months old

Aden is such a good little sausage...yes that is what I have been calling him lately...sausage roll, sausage meat, silly sausage, sausage sizzle, sausage anything really...I used to call him Widget too but that didn't stick as much as Sausage...even DH is calling him that now too.

Aden had his 2-month vacinations today...and handled it like a pro. A little tiny cry after each needle and then smiles for the nurse who was giving him cuddles.

He is starting to find and hands and put them in his mouth, hopefully he won't turn into a fist/thumb sucker!

Stats at 2 months (8 weeks 5 days)
Weight: 5370grams up 660grams from last month (now down into the 50th percentile)
Lenght: 61 cms grown 4.5cms from last month (up into the 90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 39 cms grown 1cm more than last month (now down into the 25th percentile)

My favourite suit at the moment...still a little big for him...but oh so cute!
He still has him 'infantile achne' or '6 week rash' at almost 9 weeks....although it is not as bad as it used to be and is going away slowly...still cute though! Especially with those big grins he continutes to give us
Although not always, but getting better, Aden reaches out and throws his hands around and accidently grabs hold of the toys on his play mat. Look at the concentration on his face! This is his favourite bird
Mummy went in to find Daddy asleep in the rocking chair and Aden wide awake!
He is finally fitting in the carrier better...helping hang out the clothes makes him fall alseep!
Mummy over did the bubbles in the bath...it was cute though!
A little green maybe...Thanks Aunty Bee for the Hat and Booties
Clever Boy two hands
Looking grown up!


Cee said…
I can't believe how big he looks!! Especially in that shirt and pants outfit! Only a few more days anf aunty Cee will be visiting!! very very excited! Love you!
Cascade Lily said…
Besotted much AJ? LOL Enjoy him while he's so squishy and adorable :)
Kath said…
Love all the new pics AJ, he is just adorable!!
Vee said…
I love the pics. Aden is growing so quickly! he is adorable. I call Leo sausage too amongst other names lol
He has the same robot outfit, it doesn't fit him yet....it's very cute.
Natalie said…
I can't believe he is 2 months old already! He is just adorable, beautiful photos AJ!
Helen said…
Awwww, he is growing up too fast!!!! Love the bath shot, classic!
ingrid said…
He is gorgeous AJ! I love that bubble bath pic, too cute!

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