Fabric Shopping

I took Aden fabric shopping for the first time this week. He was an angel! He lay perfectlly content in my arms while I wandered around the shop. I was looking for inspiration for a doll quilt/wall hanging and I found some.

This white-on-white has the cutest little swirls printed on it.
And I also found some blue with gold and tone-on-tone red swirls to go with it!
The yellow is from my stash...just to tone it down a bit so it is not so bright!


Austy's Mum said…
That's the same white on white I used in Austy's big bed quilt - it's great to find non-floral white on whites that suit boys or girls isn't it? I had lots of swirls in my main fabric too so it went perfectly.
Emma said…
I've used that white on white swirl recently, too! LOVE the blue swirls!

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