Making a quilt!

I'm slowly adding pictures and more steps

I finally put Luke's quilt together tonight....and thought I'd show you how I make a quilt...

Decide on some colours and a pattern...I'm using a pattern from this book

Here is the original quilt...(insert picture here)

Lots of cutting later the blocks are ready to be sewen together... I lay them out sometimes and take a photo graph so I can remember what they look like...especially if I'm sewing more than one block at a time as I was in this case...they can easily be mixed up...

Once all the blocks are made lay them all out to decide where each block goes...after changing it around half a dozen times you finally get one that you think looks right...and then change your mind one last time!

Then slowly stitch them together keeping them in the right order..

Then you have a finished quilt top...

Taping the backing fabric to the makes sure there are no wrinkles in it when I pin the top two layers to it...and it doesn't move when the cat or DH walk across it!!

After smoothing out the wadding and then the quilt top on top of that you have to pin it all down...starting from the middle so the all the bubbles are pushed to the outsides and thus eliminated

Now for the quilting...

I outlined the letters..using yellow thread and a dark blue in the bobbin to match the backing...

This is Noodle helping out....!!


Helen said…
AJ in action! You have great floor boards, perfect for sandwiching! I have the same book too, its a good one isn't it? I've made the Jan Mullen quilt in there twice. Looking foward to seeing Luke's quilt finished AJ, its going to look fantastic!

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